Black Joy

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It's personal.

This aptly named project is born from the need to see Black happiness that is familiar. During the height of London’s lockdown we all had to reckon with a number of traumatic events. As we tucked ourselves away for the sake of this pandemic, spending time with friends and family, which usually aids in soothing the overconsumption of these distressing events, became impractical. For a while Black joy almost sauntered off, becoming a distant memory. Looking at old images of carnival and black women enjoying much deserved luxury no longer sufficed. The joy I sought after needed to be within arm’s reach.

My solution: send disposable cameras out to 5 friends, with the sole brief of creating images centred around things that bring them joy. Their blackity black happiness is my happiness after all. Throughout lockdown and beyond, Black Joy is a growing archive of these images.

Curated by Fiona Giali

Photos taken by:

Bianca Stella


Rashida Taylor