Fashion In Film: 3 Different Movies That Inspired Style

So often are we influenced by movies for their ability to set the scene and provide us with ensemble envy aplenty.

Along with the quotes we scream at our friends in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, they’ll immediately understand their reference, we’re keen to do the same with iconic outfits in time. Whether it be the checkered skirt modelled by Cher Horowitz in Clueless or the gigantic purple tutu sported by Carrie Bradshaw in the second Sex And The City movie, we live for a fashion on film moment.

Filled to the brim with scenic movie moments in time, I’m often plagued by the knowledge that my personality is not wholly my own, because it’s been adopted by my favourite films, and the quotes I’ve paraphrased to make sense for my own life. There are however, three standout moments in film that have heavily influenced the way I dress today. These three biopics have essentially shaped, not only the way I dress, but the attitude I wear those garments with.

Regarded a ‘black love’ romantic comedy, and one of the best of its kind, Boomerang not only served us lessons in love, but also outfit inspo galore. In the 90s hit film, we were served shoulder pads, oversized blazers and not forgetting Grace Jones iconic portrayal of Strangé, in her BDSM inspired ensembles. A favourite of mine, Grace Jones character, and my own personal hero, single-handedly made embroidered headdresses, sparkly bedazzled earrings and tiny circle shades a thing. With such influential style choices, that we still take heed of today, is it any wonder Boomerang outtakes flood our OOTD Pinterest boards. With a barrage of lessons learned, we were also taught that all leather outfits paired with long blonde ponytails, still hold the same impact in the industry today.

If you were a teen in the 2000’s, you’ll surely remember every Olsen twin movie to date. In my own personal favourite, New York Minute, what should have been a harmless ditch school day, quickly becomes a number of misadventures and flawless fits to match. While one twin adopted a bohemian band chic style, the other doted polished pastels and still to this day, do I incorporate both of these fashion lessons in my own style of dress. From Roxy’s band t-shirt and ripped jeans, paired with a red baker boy hat to Jane’s take on pretty in pink, with her pastel blazer, shorts and button-down shirt, the twins rewrote New York as a fashion capital. I too wished to don an ‘I HEART NEW YORK’ tee and a little red skirt frolicking the city in my teens, because fashion that’s why.

And lastly, 10 Things I Hate About You, which is so unequivocally 90s, in its theme, love stories and most important of all its style of dress, is likely my favourite movie of all time. With a few fits re-imagined for the red carpet in present day, particularly Taylor Swifts blush pink x hot pink Grammy 2016 ‘fit, this film embodies fashion don’ts as fashion dos. Donning sports attire and boho chic simultaneously, we learned that even the most 90s outfits worked for Gabrielle Union, et al. Whelmed, with the fashion decisions made by the cast and crew, I will never not adore Julia Styles’ dress down as much as I do her on-screen sisters far preppier looks. With a lesson in style, we were taught that even the most dreery fits and more casual looks, made for a fashion yes.

Written by Lauren Rae